Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day Two by Mike

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Today we went back to the house. It was starting to look a lot better but it still needs some work. My crew worked on the ceiling tiles in the living room. It was quite humid which didn’t make it much easier but we got half of the wood frames up. The outside crew made a lot of progress; they knocked down the whole porch walls and roof, and there was a a lot of debris and they took out a side room completely. So far this trip is awesome. I’m learning a lot and having fun.

Love you Mom and Maddie see you soon love you.

-Mike Cummings


  1. It is so cool what all of you are doing, learning and experiencing. I am so proud of you and Dad for sharing your time and talent. I cannot wait for you to demonstrate your new carpentry skills here at home;-) Miss you and cannot wait to hear about the whole experience when you get home.
    Who loves you?

  2. Dear Michael: It is wonderful what you and your Dad are doing and I know that you are loving the moment. YOu give so much to each thing you do. I am very proud of you and thankful for you. Can't wait to hear details when you get home. I love you, Gram.