Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Thoughts from Ms. Slingluff

What to say? So much space, so much time. First of all I would be remiss not to thank all that have helped this trip: Dan, David, Anne, Tony, Angie for the fabulous company and leadership, Dad for the scrumptious meals, Toni for lending a helping hand, Brian Propst for the donated shirts, and Thadine for the moral support!

But I think this entry should primarily reflect my hope for the boys. You all were a truly wonderful group to work with. I did not have to ask anyone to do anything twice, and most times you anticipated other people’s needs. I am not sure I have ever traveled with such a thoughtful group.

Most of all, I hope you reflect on our devotions and the charisms your senior leaders discussed. From your teamwork in Dan’s trust web, to the openness in sharing your stories of compassion with Ryan, to the humility you showed in washing each other’s feet, and the zeal of cheering your teammates in Luke’s “tourney.”

Perhaps most of all I send a wish for simplicity. You lived a SIMPLER life. And you had fun. And sometimes we have to pause to remember that we don’t need computers and phones and facebook. I truly enjoyed watching you form relationships and friendships—and I hope you carry these memories with you as you undoubtedly face an increasingly complicated world.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

-Ms. Slingluff

PS If you’re missing a black sleeping bag and blue pillow, come see me 