Monday, April 18, 2011

Day One by Riggs

Blog #2-Riggs B.

Our first day on our job site was quite interesting. We went to the house, indescribable to the human eye on how banged up, messy and dirty it was, which was from some aspects almost unable to live in. Half of the entire house is filled with rotting food, dust, trash, liter of clothing and other debris. My job was to clean the one side of the house. It was covered with old shingles and plywood that was wet, rotten and stank. We cleaned up all the debris including clearing the house of thorny bushes and other trashes of shorts and old wood that used to hold the house up. We cleared the entire area, in less than 6 hours! Only Team-A would be able to do that. After we cleared the one side of the house, I personally, with Corey and Luke built the new door frame learning to measure the door, making the frame for it, measuring, squaring, leveling and much more until the door fit perfectly. We ended the day on a positive note to head back and finish up fixing the rest of the house. This trip is looking positive and influential to me and helping the general public that really need help.



  1. Wow! You and the A-Team had quite a day. It sounds like it was gross, but fun and rewarding. I am glad you are learning about building homes as well as character. I wish I could see the work you are doing. Any way you all could post pictures? or video? I am very proud of you. I miss you and love you very much! XOXOXOXX :) Mom

  2. Riggs, this sounds just awesome! What a spiritual high you must be on after going to retreat and THEN going out to serve! I've enjoyed all of these photos and testimonies of your work.
    -Mr. Kauffman