Monday, April 18, 2011

Day One by Ryan

Blog #3 – Ryan C.

So today was very interesting. Waking up freezing wasn’t the greatest start but at least I knew I was awake! After our wonderful Rice Krispies breakfast we packed up everything and headed off to our first job site. When we arrived the first thing I noticed was the rooster. I have never seen one in my life…they are MASSIVE! Once we split up into our teams we started moving our equipment inside. The first thing I saw when we walked in the house was the sinkhole in the one room. The refrigerator was tilted up against the rundown walls. It was kind of a mess, but that meant we were sure to be put to work! So the team I was on, Team D, worked all day in one of the rooms on replacing windows and window frames. By the end of the day we finally got one of the windows in and closed up the open space with insulation, boards, etc. I was surprised how hard it was to actually rip out and install a brand new window. I learned how to make a window frame for a window smaller than the normal dimensions, and had the opportunity to assemble it in its place. Once our first long day or work was finished, we came back and had a lovely and delicious dinner by the one and only Papa Sling. It was SO good. After dinner we went to WV Tech’s turf field and had a pick up soccer game, in which my awesome team came out as victors. After soccer I led devotions with the virtue Compassion. Just talking about it really opened my eyes on how much compassion everyone has shown and needs to show towards these people we are helping. So far I think this trip is looking very hardworking, but also very fun. Love ya mom and dad.


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