Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day Four by Mason


Today was a slow start, just as the whole week was, but we finally completed the demolition of the porch and deck, and reconstructed the front of Mr. George’s house. I really didn’t have a part in today’s reconstruction, due to a tragic accident during a soccer game where I rolled my ankle and couldn’t really walk. Though I didn’t move a muscle today, I was in the company of the house owners’ dog, Angel. Time flies when you’re just sitting around for 5-6 hours, but at last the finishing touches were added to the newly built deck and porch. After some time, we all told to put on our matching blue shirts and huddle close together on the deck , in order to get everyone in the picture. At last we said our good-byes to Mr. George, Angel, and his neighbor Samuel, hopped in our cars, and drove off into the sun.
-Mason Casanova
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