Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day Two by Josh

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Throughout the day some of us were busy destroying the porch while others were doing various other jobs in their groups on the house. I was one of the people in the group that did the destroying of the porch. It was very dangerous so we had to be careful taking the walls down for fear of them falling on us. In order to make sure that the wall didn’t fall on us, we had at least two people holding up the wall. There was also a roof and that took the longest and was the hardest thing to do on the porch. So the person in charge of the church that we are staying at and who is also in charge of the work site that we are working on went onto the roof of the porch to take off the debris so the that we could knock the roof off from the inside with crow bars and a big ground digger. As soon as we got the roof off we started on the walls using the same things used to knock the roof off. Taking the walls down took in record time thanks to the destruction team which was made up off me, Tyler, and sometimes Nick who went to help with other jobs where they needed the help. The thing that was the most boring was taking the pieces of the roof and walls (including the debris that used to be on the roof) up to the burn pile to be burned.

Love you mom, dad, Robbie, and Ketrina.

-Josh Clemons

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  1. Thanks for all of the updates. It sounds like you are all doing an impressive job and it will make a big difference. We are proud of you all for doing this, and we hope the Oreos and other snacks hold out! See you on Friday!

    Great job!
    The Clemons