Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day Two by Dan

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Today, because we got most of the clean up and prep work done yesterday, we were able to address the demolition of the porch and outer addition rooms. Most of the roof and walls were rotten and the floor was caved in on one side. We took down the walls and roof, and cut up the rotten floor. Also, we continued to work on the windows in one of the other rooms. We finished installing them, and began to re-side the outer part of the house where the windows are. Overall, we made a lot of progress in the demolition of the house, as well as the cleanup of debris. Tomorrow, we should be able to build the porch, finish the windows, and begin to build the floor of the side addition to the house.
Hey Mom and Dad! I love you guys and hope you’re having fun in Sanibel!

-Dan Salmon

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